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Smart Cities

  • Smart Lighting
    Intelligent and adaptive LED lamps real-time control based on traffic, weather, context (rural areas, suburbs, etc.).
  • Smart Parking
    Monitoring of parking spaces availability in the city, automated parking violation and metering
  • Structural health
    Monitoring of structural integrity for buildings, bridges, monuments.
  • Traffic Congestion
    Monitoring of both car and pedestrian flow to optimize traffic lights, route planning, 3d intersection management, optimized deployment of law enforcement, etc.
  • Trash management
    Detection of curbside trash levels for collection routes.
  • Real-time annotated urban maps
    Air quality, sound pollution, crowd density and hang out spots, live street-view, data collected and aggregated via web aggregators

Smart Environment

  • Forest Fire Detection
    Monitoring of smoke and fire detection, e.g. improve current facilities such as the European Forest Fire Information System
  • Air Pollution
    CO2 emissions of factories, toxic gases generated in farms and biomass energy plants.
  • Landslide and Avalanche
    Monitoring of soil moisture, vibrations and earth density to detect early signs of landslides in high risk areas
    Visual monitoring of snow levels and crack patterns to detect avalanche risk
  • Ski and sea resorts
    Monitoring of skiers for falls, speed and erratic behaviors, off-limits trespassing, monitoring of skilifts
    Monitoring of swimmers to detect distress signs to aid lifeguard duty, beach littering detection

Smart Logistics

  • Quality of Shipment Conditions
    Monitoring of vibrations, strokes, container openings and data logging
  • Food & perishable products safety
    Monitoring of temperature for maintenance, validation and data logging of cold chain
  • Item Location
    Locate individual containers in warehouses, harbors or even trucks
  • Fleet Tracking
    Control of routes for parcels, acoustic or visual cues for misplaced crates

Smart Utilities

  • Water and gas metering
    Remote water & gas metering (wireless, energy scavenging)
  • Water Quality
    Fine grained monitoring of water quality and pollution for rivers, reservoirs, tanks, etc.
  • Water and gas Leakages
    Detection of liquid presence outside tanks and pressure variations along water & gas pipes, illegal water connections, etc.
  • River Floods
    Monitoring of water level variations in rivers, dams and reservoirs
    Visual monitoring of river beds and banks for obstructions and litter

Smart Retail

  • Reduce operational costs
    Self sustainable wireless labels reduce printing and labor cost for paper labels handling, dynamic data can now be managed centrally and displayed
  • Intelligent Shopping Application
    Individual customer habits feedback (e.g. face detection or mobile phone NFC), preferences, allergies, organics food preferences, etc.
  • Smart Product Management
    Shelf life monitoring and planning to increase product flow and warehouses allocation to automate restocking processes, automatic discounts based on stock and shelf life.
  • Price accuracy
    Ensure full price accuracy to reduce customer complaints and loss of time
  • Customer shopping habits
    Tracking of customers in-store behaviors (picking patterns, store routes, etc.) for selective advertisement, discount coupons emission, real-time advertisement (e.g. buy now only 2 left in stock).
  • Customer interaction
    Haptics and 3d touch labels allow new levels of interactions with customers

Smart Industries

  • M2M Applications
    Machine auto-diagnosis and assets control.
  • Indoor Air Quality
    Monitoring of toxic gas and oxygen levels inside chemical plants to ensure workers and goods safety.
  • Temperature Monitoring
    Control of temperature inside industrial and medical fridges with sensitive merchandise.
  • Acoustic levels and Electrosmog monitoring
  • Ozone Presence
    Monitoring of ozone levels in food factories
  • Indoor Location
    Asset indoor location by using active and passive tags (RFID/NFC).
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